Accounting and Tax Services

Accounting - Is accounting your friend or a necessary evil? If you answered a necessary evil, you are not alone. Most entrepreneurs do not have the time or resources to manage their accounting on a "real time" basis. They end up frantically summarizing data for the preparation of tax returns. Sound familiar? Ever wonder if you are paying too much in taxes? Ever wonder where all of your money went after all that hard work? The answers are in your accounting! If major corporations can get their information on a "real time" basis then so can you - with a little coaching. The solution we provide is to get your accounting up to date and teach you how to keep it that way. Additionally, we provide guidance on how to extrapolate from financial statements the key metrics unique to your company. Do you want to focus more on your products or services - no problem! We also provide the best solutions for outsourcing your accounting to either our network of qualified bookkeepers or bringing you on board our CFO program, (described below). Your numbers tell a story and help you make critical decisions. We can help you make your story be more "real time" and very informative.

Tax Planning - Once your accounting is providing you the critical and timely information you need, you are then in a position to manage one of your top three expenses - taxes! Think about the last time you filed your tax return. Were you surprised at how much you owed or how much your refund was? If this is the case, I encourage you to manage your taxes the same way you would manage any other major expense you have. The solution we provide is to keep you up to date on your tax liability throughout your tax period. This way, you are able to make strategic decisions on how to reduce your tax burden, while reinvesting in your business and retirement. Our goal is to help you with your tax planning when you could actually plan and not the following year during tax season when it is too late to make tax saving decisions.

Business and Personal Tax Returns - Following are some  of the most common questions CPAs hear during tax season: “How much do I owe?”,” How long will it take to get my refund?” “Is there anything else I can do to reduce my taxes?”, and, “Will I get audited?” With effective and timely accounting and tax planning, (discussed above), most of these types of questions are answered before the preparation of the tax return even begins.  In regards to audits, once again, it is the condition of the accounting that is going to either expedite the audit process or encourage the auditor to dig deeper. Because we concentrate on serving entrepreneurs and refrain from becoming a high volume “tax mill”, we provide the holistic services you need encompassing the accounting, tax planning, and compliance with Federal and State regulations to file your business and personal tax returns, on time, and with the confidence that you have maximized your tax saving options.

CFO Outsourcing - As an entrepreneur, you are the CEO of your organization. It would not be unusual if you are the CFO as well. However, we often see the CFO role getting neglected because of the nature of the business. For instance, when frequent travel requires the owner to be on the road, it makes it very difficult to manage the finances of the company. That is where we step in.  As your CFO, we will oversee all the financial activities of your company including financial planning and the monitoring of cash flow. And, unlike other CFO outsourcing companies, we handle all the daily accounting and tax work. If you have no time for the CFO role, please contact us to discuss your needs and we will propose a customized plan for your organization giving you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best - running your business!